Google just wrapped up the opening keynote for its I/O developer conference taking place this week, and not surprisingly many of the announced products and services are direct competitors to Apple’s. Android Pay gets an official coming out party to compete with Apple Pay, Project Brillo is Google’s answer to HomeKit, and the new Android M gets a focus on quality, much like what Apple has in store for iOS 9 at WWDC in June. The company also announced a new Photos app with unlimited photo and video syncing and iOS support, as well as a number of other iOS app announcements.

Head below for a roundup of everything Google announced today from 9to5Google:

The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

Google announces Android ‘M’ with a focus on ‘quality end to end,’ developer preview coming soon

Google announces Android Pay mobile payment service, launching with Android M this year

Google unveils Project Brillo, its stripped down version of Android for connected devices

Google introduces Photos app with unlimited photo and video syncing on Android, iOS, and the web

HBO NOW for Android coming to the Google Play Store this summer

Test Android apps on the top 20 Android devices via the cloud

Google Cardboard VR viewer updated for bigger phones, now supports iOS

Google Maps to add offline search/navigation, Places API for iOS now available to all

Google I/O: 4000 Android devices & Wear apps, 17M Chromecasts sold, Android TV/Auto growth, 1B+ users, more

Google’s ‘Inbox’ email app now open to all, updated w/ new features


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