As someone who does everything electronically, I’m always slightly bemused by people who still use pen and paper – but there is something about Moleskine notebooks that does occasionally make me wonder just a little if I’m missing out. The company today appears to be targeting people like me, with an app that brings the stylish, minimalist aesthetics of the notebooks to a new iPhone and Apple Watch app.

Moleskine Timepage aims to integrate your iCloud, Google and Microsoft Exchange calendars with contacts, maps and weather. For appointments elsewhere, it will display a map of the location, show you the travel time by car, public transit, cycling or walking – and show what the weather will be like when you get there … 


You can choose from thirteen Moleskine colors for the app’s pages, and decide how many days to view in the free-flowing timeline. You can also use natural language to add appointments, like “Coffee with George at Monks.”

I use multiple color-coded calendars so I can see at-a-glance not just what I’m doing, but what category it belongs to (tech writing, novel writing, social, etc), so I don’t think the solid color pages will work for me, but I’d otherwise be tempted to take it for a spin.

The company suggested last year that there was a good overlap between Apple and Moleskine customers, its CEO noting that its retail stores do better when they are close to an Apple Store.

Moleskine Timepage costs $4.99 from iTunes and is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, with a companion app on the Watch. Check out the full feature list below.



• Your schedule is presented as a continuous timeline, making it easy to view a whole week at a glance or keep scrolling into the future to see what is coming up.

• A fully featured weather app with beautiful interactive charts is built-in so you can plan for the day.

• Adding events is as simple as typing something like “Coffee with George at Monks” and Timepage will take care of the details.

• Elegant single day and event views that keeps you focussed with info like “1 hour free after this until Meeting at 4pm”.

• Get travel time and directions for your events by car, public transit, cycling or walking.

• Works with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange (2007 with EWS) and Apple iCloud.

• Personalise your calendar by choosing how many days to show and selecting from thirteen Moleskine colors.


• See your day-by-day schedule for the next week.

• Weather information with rain and temperature graphs so you know how to prepare.

• Maps show how to get to your next event and transit times for walking, cycling, driving and public transit.

• Glance view that shows how long until your next event and how long it will take to get there.

• Contact information and event notes are right there on your wrist.

• Event reminders will tap you on the wrist.

• Handoff from any day to your iPhone for quickly adding a new event.

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