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You may notice a new look on those digital receipts you get in your email inbox after you buy something from iTunes, iBooks, or the App Store. Apple has refreshed its invoices with a new design, friendlier subject line, and cover art images that are clearer on Retina displays. You can see the old and new designs below: Apple’s subject on receipts read out a lengthy order number such as “Your receipt No. 110110356508” before the refresh, but the company’s updated template uses a clearer and friendlier “Your receipt from Apple.” line in this field. Instead of putting the rather lengthy number in the subject area of your inbox, the updated format includes a new “Document No.” field where it includes this number.

Perhaps more importantly, the new invoice format includes a description of what device the purchase originated from, which could be handy in tracking down suspicious purchases or knowing who in the family made all of those in-app purchases. The new format also appears to support higher resolution images that are clearer on the Retina displays found on Apple’s products.

Below is the previously used invoice design:

iTunes Receipt

Here is the refreshed invoice format: applereceipt


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