Apple just announced its fiscal third quarter earnings and as usual offered some stats on progress since last checking in. Among the notables: the company’s revenue in China is up 112%, it returned $13 billion to shareholders through its capital return program, and it sold a record number of iPhones and Macs during the quarter. The company, citing its own research, noted that users switching from Android to iPhone was at an all-time high, while giving us some insight into Apple Watch usage. Head below for the full roundup of numbers from today’s earnings call:

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-$202.8 billion in cash (over $200B for the first time)

-$49.6 billion revenue/$10.7 billion profit

-47.5 million iPhones sold (revenue up 59% from last year)

-10.9 million iPads sold (revenue down 23% from last year)

-4.7 million Macs (revenue up 9% from last year)

-$5 billion revenue for services (iTunes, AppleCare, Apple Pay, licensing and other services.)

-App Store revenue more than doubling during quarter

-Greater China revenue up 112% (vs 33% growth for Apple worldwide)

iPhone sales up 85% in China and India

-$13 billion returned to shareholders

$15 billion cashflow from operations

-iPhone revenue up 59 percent over last year

456 total retail stores, 190 outside US

-40 stores to open in China next year

-94% of Apple Watch users wear and use it regularly

-Android switchers at an all-time high

-1.5 million Apple Pay locations by end of year

United giving iPhones to 20,000 flight attendants

-13 new enterprise apps through IBM partnership, 100 total by end of year

-15,000 artists are signed up for Apple Music Connect feature

-700 universities and colleges will begin accepting Apple Pay this year

-Guidance for the fourth quarter: between $49 billion and $51 billion in revenue

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