Strategy Analytics has issued its latest estimates of global mobile phone shipments, and reports that Apple’s market share climbed from 8.2% in Q2 2014 to 10.9% in the same quarter this year. Apple revealed in its latest quarterly earnings that it saw iPhone sales climb 35% year-on-year to 47M units.

The research firm said that Apple’s dramatic growth in iPhone shipments contrasted strongly with an overall industry growth rate of just 2% … 


Huawei was the other big winner, seeing its shipments grow almost 50% to 30.6M units, overtaking Microsoft (which incorporates the Nokia-designed Lumia) to become the third-largest mobile phone vendor in the world.

Samsung retained the number one slot, but saw its market share slip from 22.3% to 20.5% on disappointing Galaxy S6 sales. Samsung earlier revealed an 8% drop in profits, the fifth year running it has reported a decline in profitability.

As ever, market share is of only secondary interest to Apple, which chases profits rather than sales. A recent report suggested that Apple took 92% of all profits for the entire smartphone industry.

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