Just over four months since the Apple Watch began its Apple Retail Store debut for try-ons, Apple has started to tweak the process this week, according to Apple Retail employees. Until this week, a customer who walked into an Apple Store seeking to try on Apple Watch was required to make an appointment and provide details such as their name and Apple ID to an Apple Store employees.

For this week forward, Apple Stores are speeding up the try-on process by dropping the former appointment requirement and not requiring potential customers to share their information with the store employee. Now, a customer can simply walk into an Apple Store and try on an Apple Watch without any delay, except if all of the Apple Watch try on areas are occupied by customers who arrived earlier.

Customers will still be able to provide their email address and the types of Apple Watches that they tried on, allowing for their preferences to be saved to their Apple Online Store wish list. For example, a user could try on a Space Black Apple Watch and be reminded of their selection when they go to purchase the model from the Apple Store app or website.


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