Managing alerts on Cultured Code’s Things task management app across multiple devices is about to become a whole lot more effective. Things already uses its own robust syncing solution called Things Cloud since iCloud syncing has been rocky at times in the past, and today Cultured Code is unveiling a major upgrade to Things Cloud.

Built on an all-new architecture, the Things Cloud “Nimbus” upgrade delivers a push sync feature that allows Things for iPhone, iPad, and Mac to stay up-to-date without having to actively open it on each device. iOS has gained features like Background App Refresh that let apps do more without being front and center, but Things and push sync makes keeping devices in sync a reliable experience.

Cultured Code says the new push sync feature uses a low-priority of notifications in order to preserve battery life, which means it could take around 10 minutes for all devices to be updated when you create a task or complete a project. Even with that limitation, the improved syncing feature is a welcome enhancement over the prior method which required Things to launch before being updated.

What’s more, Cultured Code says the upgrade to Things Cloud Nimbus with push sync happens without needing a new version of the task management app so users should already be seeing the new capability in action. Things for iPhone and Apple Watch is available for $9.99, Things for iPad goes for $19.99, and Things for Mac is $49.99 (free trial). The enhanced syncing solution is out now for current customers.


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