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The iPhone accessories market is a competitive industry and smart companies need to differentiate themselves. Case manufacturer Spigen has put itself out there by already promoting iPhone 6S cases on its website and selling them on Amazon, weeks ahead of Apple’s official unveiling of the new phone.

Obviously, as the iPhone 6S exterior design is almost completely the same as the iPhone 6, most iPhone 6 cases should fit the new phones so advertising ‘iPhone 6S exclusive cases’ is a savvy PR play. The company is also teasing Rose Gold colored iPhones on its website, pictured above. Again, it is unlikely Spigen has Apple inside info besides what has been reported publicly.

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Apple never gives third-party accessory makers information on new products ahead of the general public. The company is cleverly reacting to the reporting that a new Rose Gold iPhone is coming, creating some clever and well done marketing shots to get people hyped. If it somehow turns out to be false, Spigen can quickly change their website after the fact.

Case makers are usually scrambling to get production of new cases going as soon as possible. In some instances, manufacturers have lost a lot money betting on a rumored case design that turns out not to come to fruition. With ‘S’ years, it’s slightly easier as the overall schematics of the phone case change very little.

So if you want to be ahead the curve, go ahead and buy a Spigen iPhone 6S case in preparation for the phone’s release in later September. You’ve got a good shot of having a very good case for your iPhone 6S before it even arrives.

Apple will announce the new iPhone 6S and the new iPhone 6S Plus at a special event on September 9th. 9to5Mac has had a string of exclusive reports about the new generation: they will feature vastly-improved 12 megapixel cameras, a five-megapixel front camera, Force Touch for app shortcuts, animated wallpapers like the Apple Watch as well as confirmation that the phones will come in Rose Gold.

Keep it locked to 9to5Mac as we will bring you full coverage of the event in a couple of weeks time …

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