Queuing at Apple Stores versus ordering online is one of those great divides. Those who queue describe it as an unmissable social experience, while those who order online see queueing as a way to get cold and wet while not getting your iPhone any earlier. But one enterprising woman in Sydney, Australia, has found a way to combine the two: fourth in the queue is her iPad-based telepresence robot … 


Mashable reports that media agency exec Lucy Kelly is using a robot comprising an iPad attached to a Segway-type device. She has named the robot Lucy, after herself.

She will wait in line for one night, in a special tent that comes complete with a charger to keep her juiced up and gives shelter from the rain. Kelly will be her face and voice for the duration. “I am staying here the whole time,” she said. If all goes to plan, the robot will then purchase the iPhone without any human interaction.

While you might expect the human beings standing in line behind the robot to feel a little peeved, Kelly says this isn’t the case – and supports this with photos of happy-looking people being photographed with her robotic presence.

Everyone thinks it is pretty cool, they were happy to let a robot go ahead.

The piece doesn’t reveal how Kelly intends the robot to complete the purchase, but I hope they figure it out.

Those who took the more conventional approach to staying warm and dry while awaiting their phone should receive them on Friday. Early indications are that the iPhone 6s/Plus is likely to prove popular.

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