I know better than to try to compete with my colleague Dom Esposito when it comes to videos, but here in the meantime are some photos of my shiny new iPhone 6s 128GB in Space Gray emerging into the outside world for the first time … 


There are, of course, no surprises. Aside from the prettier external box, the rest is the same as last year.

I opted to follow Jeremy’s recommendation to do an encrypted backup of my old iPhone 6 and then restore to the new one. Oddly, this didn’t work perfectly, failing to install some apps, so I had to download those again. But it was certainly a far quicker experience than restoring from iCloud.


The tiny difference in dimensions between the 6 and 6s is virtually undetectable, and made no difference to my Mujjo wallet case.


All the photos in the gallery are clickable to view full size. I’ll post some first impressions later – though I shan’t be conducting any drop tests of my own …

All good to go! I’ll be testing out the new camera this evening. Do add links to your own photos in the comments.


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