With most Macs these days, soldered memory chips mean that whatever RAM you want, you have to buy it from Apple when you order the machine. But the new 27-inch iMac still uses plug-in RAM, so you’re free to add your own RAM after purchase. And while Apple limits you to a maximum of 32GB, OWC (just like in years past) has just announced that it will shortly offer upgrade kits for 48GB and 64GB RAM … 


Adding RAM is usually one of the best ways to boost the real-life performance of a Mac, though you’d probably need to be doing some pretty heavy-duty work to take advantage of 64GB. It won’t, however, be cheap: the 48GB kit will cost $729, while the maximum 64GB will cost a cool $1195. But if the price doesn’t put you off, check out our how-to guide to see just how easy it is to do.

Laughably, the upgrade option means that your brand new iMac could actually end up with more than twice as much RAM as it has flash storage.

Sadly the new 4K 21.5-inch iMac uses soldered RAM, so unless you’re extremely handy with a soldering-iron, you’re stuck with 8GB or 16GB, depending on the spec you buy.

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