We’ll learn on Tuesday just how many iPhones in total Apple sold last quarter, but before then we’re continuing to gauge analysts’ best educated guesses ahead of time. Just as it did with Apple Watch — although with a comical range in that case — Fortune has published an interesting roundup of iPhone sales predictions from analysts for the last and current quarters, respectively.

What we do know is that Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models over the new models’ launch weekend late last month, although only sales completed during the first half of that weekend are included in the upcoming quarter being reported. What are the analysts saying about the rest of the last quarter?

Fortune puts the average estimate from analysts at 48.72 million iPhone units sold, up from 39.72 million units actually sold last year during the same quarter which notably didn’t include China at launch. That also aligns with KGI’s similar forecast of 48.5 million iPhones sold last quarter as we reported earlier this morning.

At the low-end, Sundeep Bajikar of Jefferies predicts 45 million iPhones sold; Sherri Scribner of Deutsche Bank forecasting 51.10 million units sold at the high-end.

See the whole chart for yourself below, pros in blue and amateurs in green:

Fortune iPhone sales

We’ll be able to compare these guesses with the actual numbers on Tuesday afternoon — unlike Apple Watch numbers which Apple hasn’t disclosed separately — so stay tuned to our earnings coverage then.

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