United Airlines announced today that it will deploy some 6,000 iPhone 6 Plus smartphones to its customer service representatives based in the United States. United, which is the largest airline in the world based on locations served, says the iPhone 6 Plus will mobilize important services and allow staff to print customer boarding passes and baggage tags throughout airports.

The airline also says the iPhone 6 Plus will enable staff to assist customers with changing flight plans from anywhere while dedicated customer service desks can be reserved for more complex issues.

United plans to begin distributing the iPhone 6 Plus to its 6000+ staff of customer service reps next year following a similar program a year ago where the same iPhone model was distributed to flight attendants and pilots to replace manuals and handle payments.

Of course the iPhone 6 Plus has since been replaced by the iPhone 6s Plus and a newer, redesigned iPhone is due out next fall, but the year old iPhone model is likely more cost-effective for its large staff and 3D Touch, Live Photos, and rose gold may not be worth the extra cost.

The airline says it plans to expand the capabilities of the iPhone 6 Plus in the field in the future with new features like full check-ins and providing traditional airport kiosk services expected.

Via setteB.IT

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