The Sacramento Business Journal is reporting that Apple has started work on a major new expansion at the company’s Elk Grove campus, which currently employs around 2,500 staff.

Construction work quietly underway at Apple’s campus in Elk Grove is for a major expansion that could mean several thousand new jobs, city officials say […]

Apple, which has pulled a series of building permits recently, is investing at least $13 million in the Elk Grove campus.

As evidence for the jobs claim, the city’s economic development director Darren Doan says that Apple is adding 1,450 new parking spaces as well as working with the city’s transportation department on new bus services for employees … 


While the campus was once used for manufacturing, it is currently a warehousing and logistics center, reportedly including iPhone repairs, and also houses a call center.

Much of the work is on employee facilities, including medical and dental clinics, which the journal notes are often used to help recruit and retain tech staff.

The city notes that the site has sufficient electrical capacity to support a major data center, though there is no indication that Apple has any current plans for this. Apple declined to comment on the reasons for the expansion.


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