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Apple is currently expected to hold an event in March to announce a slew of new products, notably including a new addition to the iPhone lineup. The 4-inch iPhone is expected to be released by April, and MIC Gadget claims to have a hands-on with new unreleased iPhone straight from the Foxconn factory. Unsurprisingly, the purported new ‘iPhone 6c‘ looks just like an iPhone 6s, but smaller. The latest rumors indicate it will also have similar internals, featuring Apple A9 SoC and NFC for Apple Pay.

From our iPhone 6c mockup gallery last month

The validity of the video cannot be confirmed. The ratios of the speaker holes is very similar to the 4.7 inch phone so it’s not 100% that this phone is actually smaller (perhaps the camera guy has big hands). The video also does not include a comparison with other iPhones to confirm the relative size, but they claim it is legit and MIC Gadget has a reasonable history of obtaining device hands-on ahead of time. Watch the 40 second clip and decide for yourself, after the break …

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Naming for the new 4-inch iPhone is unclear. Most sites are referring to the device as the iPhone 6c, given its smaller size and natural lower-tier place in the lineup. It also shares a lot of its design and performance from the iPhone 6 series. That being said, there has also been some speculation it may be called the iPhone 7c, so it aligns with Apple’s newest-generation phone lineup coming in the fall. (There was also a really-sketchy rumor that Apple was considering a ‘5e’ name.)

Sadly, the video doesn’t reveal much. It’s pretty boring … if this is legit, everyone will quickly be able to grasp the concept of the new iPhone addition coming in a couple of months. Take a 4.7 inch iPhone 6s and shrink it down. Expect the leaks to continue in the coming weeks as Apple ramps production of this new model. For those unexcited by this, you’ll likely have to wait until late 2016 for Apple to unveil its ‘real’ new iPhone for 2017, the iPhone 7, which is expected to feature significant internal upgrades and external design changes.

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