Apple CEO Tim Cook already leads the most profitable company in history and holds meetings with powerful world leaders and heads of state, and now he can add to that list receiving several votes for President of the United States in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary.

Okay, technically not that Tim Cook, but his name did appear on the ballot yesterday and 50 New Hampshire Republican voters picked Cook as their guy. The Tim Cook whose name appeared on the ballot is actually a Republican from North Carolina who also qualified to be on the ballot in Arizona and Louisiana (but not his home state).

Speaking of Louisiana, ‘Tim Cook’ received as many votes in yesterday’s primary as former Louisiana governor and actual serious presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, which either speaks to the boost the North Carolina Republican got from sharing his name with the Apple CEO or Bobby Jindal’s chances for ever winning his party’s nomination. (Other GOP candidates who have since dropped out received more votes.)

Last night wasn’t the first time the North Carolina resident who shares Tim Cook’s name has ran for public office either; Tim Cook ran for Lt. Governor, Senate, and the House of Representatives in his home state before mounting his 2016 presidential campaign.

So far having the same name as the CEO of Apple hasn’t translated into winning elections, but there are still two more states where people can technically vote Tim Cook 2016 … you can follow the election (and Cook’s progress) using these tips.

TIm Cook GOP Results

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