After releasing new tutorial videos for developers yesterday, Apple today has added a variety of new and more specific app categories to the tvOS App Store. The changes, first noticed by AfterPad, make it even easier for users to easily and quickly discover new apps for the fourth-gen Apple TV.

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The new categories bring the tvOS App Store closer to being in line with the iOS App Store. The tvOS App Store’s new categories change from apps centered around business and travel content, to medical and productivity apps. The full list of new categories can be seen below:

  • Business Apps
  • Weather Apps
  • Utilities
  • Travel Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Reference Apps
  • Productivity Apps
  • Music Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Book Apps
  • Medical Apps
  • Catalogs

Since the device’s launch last November, Apple has gradually been improving app discoverability on the fourth-gen Apple TV. At first, the tvOS App Store didn’t offer any app categories, but the company fixed that soon after launch. Since then, it has added a few new categories, including Lifestyle, Education, and more.

Categories can be viewed by visiting the App Store on your fourth-gen Apple TV and navigating to the “Categories” tab along the top. The new categories are rolling out gradually, so you may not see all of them immediately.

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