Great news for content creators wishing to manage their YouTube videos on the go. YouTube Creator Studio, the mobile app version of YouTube’s Creator Studio platform for managing video content, has received a notable update.

The 1.7.93 update, released today, now allows users to watch videos directly inside of the Creator Studio app. In previous versions of Creator Studio, users were forced to open the YouTube app or a Safari browser to watch their content.

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This is a big deal for content creators, because it allows them to perform almost every function needed to manage a YouTube channel without juggling multiple apps. Of course, the YouTube app is still necessary for watching the content of others, but if you’re focused on managing your own content, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this update.

Creator Studio has made significant strides over the last year, as Google has poured in development resources in an effort to improve the app. I’ve been a user of Creator Studio since its initial debut back in the summer of 2014, and I’ve witnessed it steadily improve over time.

Just this past October the app gained the notable ability to update monetization settings for videos. Just prior to that, Google added over 50 additional analytics cards to the app. And not even a month before that, Creator Studio gained the ability to view and edit playlists.

YouTube Creator Studio Update Watch Videos

After the update, notice the addition of playback controls

I know that people complain about Google’s apparent lackadaisical attitude when it comes to some of its apps, and a lot of times the criticism is warranted. But if there’s one app that Google takes seriously, it’s definitely Creator Studio. I think I speak for all of the content creators out there when I say that I’m thankful for it.

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