iOS 9.3

Apple has released an updated build of iOS 9.3 for users affected by an activation bug, first reported last week. Although the version number is still 9.3, the update features a new build number, 13E5237, to signify the change. The issue prevented some iPhone and iPad owners from successfully completing the upgrade steps for iOS 9.3 if they could not recall their Apple ID info immediately, to pass Activation Lock.

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Apple stopped signing iOS 9.3 for older devices due to this bricking bug. Affected customers can now download the new firmware to upgrade to iOS 9.3. This may involve DFU mode and a cable to download the new firmware via iTunes, if currently stuck on the Activation Lock screen.

Otherwise, simply visit Settings to check for a new Software Update for users who were prevented from updating sooner because Apple pulled the build. Users already on iOS 9.3 do not have to do anything as they have already successfully upgraded to the new operating system.

The iOS 9.3 launch has not been a smooth rollout, with several major bricking and crashing bugs affecting users. Apple already had to re-release iOS 9.3 specifically for the iPad 2, which was affected by a different issue with activation. Over the weekend, we reported on a widespread issue where opening links would cause some apps to hang and crash on iPhones and iPads. Apple is yet to officially comment on when that problem will be addressed. iOS 9.3 includes several major new features, such as Night Shift and Touch ID Notes.

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