Continuing the celebrations of its 40th birthday, Apple has posted a special Apple Music playlist featuring songs from Apple ads over the last four decades. The playlist contains 38 songs in total, with music from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Gorillaz and more.

Apple turns 04. Forty songs from Apple ads to celebrate 40 years of ideas, innovation and culture.

Unfortunately, the playlist has little accompanying context so you don’t know which songs correspond to which ads. Most the songs appear to be derived from old iPod commercials, like this one.

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Can’t Feel My Face from The Weeknd is one of the most recent songs in the collection, which was used in a commercial for Apple Music during the Video Music Awards last year. Readers interested in finding all the connections between the music listed and their origin in Apple advertising, should check out sites like which document every song and artist Apple uses for its products and events.

You’ll need an Apple Music subscription to listen to these songs. Apple also commemorated its birthday by hanging a pirate flag over its campus on its 40th anniversary, as well as the following ’40 Years in 40 Seconds’ video.


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