Apple is reportedly working with Chinese server vendor Inspur as it seeks to bring the infrastructure for its cloud services in-house.

Apple currently relies on third-party companies to host its cloud content, most of the capacity currently provided by Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, with Google also recently joining the roster. However, the company is said to be working on developing its own data network and infrastructure in a project codenamed McQueen.

While part of the motivation will be cost, it was also recently reported that security is another significant consideration, Apple being concerned that servers received from third-parties may have been tampered with prior to delivery …


The Digitimes report is lacking in detail, but the report has credibility given that Inspur has more than a 60% share of the Chinese server market and its client base includes many big players.

Many IT players including Microsoft, LG Electronics, Ericsson, Intel, IBM, SAP, VMware, Nvidia and RedHat, have formed partnerships with the China-based server vendor, looking to quickly expand in China’s server market.

Inspur also has a Californian office, which includes both R&D and production facilities.

We first reported that Apple was upgrading its cloud servers back in May of last year, with Bloomberg reporting the following month that Apple was working on designing its own storage and network equipment, and building its own private fiber optic links, rather than relying exclusively on third-party companies.

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