Apple Pay may be a convenient, one-tap method of paying for your purchases – but not if you want to collect rewards points at the same time. That has so far always required a separate step, usually using the store’s own app.

Department store Kohl’s has just announced that it has partially solved the problem, allowing Yes2You Rewards points to be accrued just by using Apple Pay  …


You’ll need to use the chain’s own Kohl’s Charge card to accrue the points. Kohl’s has advised that you can use any payment card provided that you’ve added your Yes2You card to Apple Wallet.

Kohl’s says that the service is currently available in 250 stores, and should be in all stores nationwide by the end of the month. The department store chain was the first retailer to add Apple Pay support for a store card back in October last year, and was featured on stage by Apple when announcing future support for rewards cards.

Other companies in line to add Apple Pay support for loyalty cards are Dunkin’ Donuts, JCPenney, Panera, Wegman’s and Whole Foods. Apple also keeps notching up conventional cards, with 20 more banks added to Apple Pay just yesterday.

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