Twitter relaunched its Mac app last December with a new dark theme and GIF support, and today Twitter 4.1 for Mac is rolling out on the Mac App Store. The latest update includes Twitter’s new Moments section plus support for viewing and creating polls as well as GIF search.

Moments is Twitter’s curated news section for ongoing events in various categories. The section is marked by the lightning bolt icon. Previously called ‘Project Lightning’, Moments first launched on Twitter for iPhone last fall.

Poll support is also new to the Twitter for Mac app. Previously only available on the web and iOS versions, Twitter for Mac can now view and create in polls embedded within tweets. Previously tweets with polls included offered no signal of including a poll. Starting with Twitter 4.1 for Mac, users can now create polls and participate in polls from the Mac client.

Lastly, Twitter for Mac has gained GIF search, which it says will make sharing GIFs in tweets and direct messages easier than ever. GIF support was a signature feature of the earlier 4.0 relaunch. The app initially suffered from rough performance issues, but Twitter has released a few updates since last fall that seem to address at least some of these issues.

Twitter for Mac is available for free from the Mac App Store.

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