A Tesla-style concept of the Apple Car from CarWow

A Tesla-style concept of the Apple Car from CarWow

Project Titan news, the name given to Apple’s electric vehicle project, has been relatively quiet lately despite the expected introduction in 2020 inching closer by the day. That may be because the introduction target for Apple Car has moved back one year to 2021. Included in a profile of three brothers who are said to have worked on the Apple Car project, The Information includes this nugget:

One person who worked briefly with the Titan team was told during their tenure at Apple that the company had been trying to deliver a vehicle by 2020 but the target slipped to 2021.

Prior to this report, it was widely believed that Apple was targeting the year 2020 to unveil its electric vehicle in some form, although that was over a year ago. There have since been multiple signs that Project Titan could have roadblocks along the way.

In January, Steve Zadesky who was leading the project, reportedly left Apple after 16 years for personal reasons. 9to5Mac profiled several high-level employees working on the project a year ago. Recent reports, however, have described Project Titan of consisting of around 600 people.

The last big piece of news around Apple’s electric vehicle ambitions came in the form of Apple looking into its own charging solutions that would essentially replace gas stations for EV drivers. Apple also made a billion dollar investment in Didi Chuxing, China’s Uber, which many see as a sign that it’s interested in the car space.

Tesla’s Elon Musk, however, already jabbed that 2020 could be too late for Apple to enter the electric car market. For EV fans, though, Musk has given plenty of specifics to anticipate.


Just last night the Tesla CEO shared part two of the company’s so-called “master plan” which entails solar-powered roofs that integrate with Tesla batteries, a new fleet of electric vehicles including pickup trucks and buses, and a future in which autonomous driving allows Tesla owners to make money from owning one by putting their EV to work when it’s not in use — Tesla’s Uber (or Didi Chuxing!).

Head over to 9to5Mac’s sister-site Electrek for the latest in all EV news and stay tuned to our Apple Car guide for the latest on Apple’s ambitions.

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