We brought you our own hands-on video showing you 15 new features in iOS 10 beta 3, but EverythingApplePro has spotted one additional one: iOS now warns you if it detects liquid in the Lightning socket.


So if a Lightning cable or accessory gets damp from a leaking bag in the rain, or you manage to spill a bit of drink on one without noticing, the iPhone or iPad will let you know. You can see the feature in the video below.

Warning you of liquid is useful, but a better longer-term approach is to make devices more waterproof, and Apple is busy working on that too. A new patent application filed today and spotted by Patently Apple describes the company’s latest approach to developing waterproof speakers: making the speaker membrane out of a waterproof material.

While many portable speakers are sold as waterproof, the patent notes that there is no such thing as a truly waterproof speaker. Rather, it says, the degree of waterproofing can be defined by the ability to withstand the hydrostatic load exerted by a particular depth of water. Apple gives a depth of 12 feet as a specific example.

While the iPhone 6s makes no claims regarding water-resistance, it does perform well in tests, but Apple clearly hopes to further improve on this. One rumor that would help is a touch-sensitive Home button, which would offer greater waterproofing than a moving button.

The new iOS 10 warning message can be seen in action below.

Via Engadget

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