The never-ending patent battle between Apple and Samsung may have the design world on Apple’s side, but that doesn’t seem to be deterring Samsung from seeking to copy more Apple products. Patently Apple spotted what looks to be exact drawings of the Apple Watch in a patent application for a ‘wearable device’ filed by Samsung just yesterday.


Many of the drawings in the patent show a modular design quite different to the Apple Watch, but twelve of them look rather suspiciously familiar.

The fun kicks off on sheet 9 of the patent application, where the side views show a rounded rectangular design with a band attachment method that seems to mirror that of the Apple Watch, and button shapes and placement that are an almost perfect match for Apple’s design.


But it’s on the following page where the resemblance appears to be, well, judge for yourself …


For this type of patent application the drawings are very much less important than the wording, but there seems little doubt where Samsung found its, uh, inspiration.

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