With the iPhone 7 not looking radically different to its two predecessors, one YouTuber decided to take matters into his own hands and carry out a DIY redesign. Apparently fearless, PeripateticPandas dismantles the phone and then takes both a circular saw and a belt-sander to the casing.


You might think such an attack would end in disaster, but surprisingly not. The phone still appears to work perfectly afterwards, and it created a semi-flat-sided design that I actually rather like.

There are some downsides, however, including the fact that the buttons now protrude rather more. You’d also need to think about what might happen over time to that aluminum casing now that it no longer has the protective anodised finish.

All in all, you might want to file this modification under ‘do not try this at home,’ but it’s certainly fun to watch someone else do it.

What was your reaction to watching it? Were you cringing or applauding? Let us know in the comments …


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