Apple first announced plans for an iOS App Development Center in Naples earlier this year, confirming in July that the location would open this October. Now, The Guardian reports that Apple’s iOS Developer Academy will open in Naples this week, hosting 200 students for its inaugural program.

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The inaugural program will last 9 months and see the 200 students receive the latest iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. The program is entirely free for students thanks to an investment by Apple and University of Naples Federico II.

Apple designed the classroom for the program, focusing on small group work. Competition will also be a “fundamental”part of the program. While one half the classroom will be dedicated to small round tables, the other half will consist of a lounge area for students to relax.

The layout of the large, open-plan classroom was designed by Apple. “The didactic model is very new [for us],” Leopoldo Angrisani, a university professor, said. Small groups of students will sit at round tables equipped with special acoustic systems so the teacher can communicate with each table individually about their work. All courses will be taught in English, since it is meant to be open to students from around the world.

The first semester of the program will focus on software development, while the second will center on design and startup creation.

One of the central purposes of the program will be to place students in jobs at local companies following their competition of the program. Tim Cook has said that he admires that “entrepreneurial spirit” of Naples and thinks that Apple can “make more of a difference there.”

Apple’s iOS Developer Academy will open tomorrow, October 6th, as the Università di Napoli Federico II.

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