Sonos offers wireless speakers in its Play series in either black or white, but up until now, those wishing to add soul-shaking low end sound to their configuration could only buy a Sonos wireless Sub in one color: black. Today Sonos is making white Sub units available for preorder, with shipments set to begin on October 25th. If you own a white Play:1, 3, or 5, then it’s now possible to add deep low-end sound with a color-matched dedicated wireless Sonos subwoofer.

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To preorder, simply head over to Sonos’ website and click on the white option under the color picker. The white sub, like the original black version, costs $699.

For that price, you’re getting a sleekly-designe, powered subwoofer unit featuring two Class-D amps that power two face-to-face force-cancelling speaker drivers. Frequency response dials all the way down to 25 Hz, and this sub can be placed anywhere in a room thanks to its wireless nature.

Placement is really up to the users. The Sub can be shown off like a work of art, or completely hidden somewhere like under a couch while lying flat. sonos-sub-white-side

Zac has great things to say about Sonos speakers overall and the Play-series speakers can stand on their own. That said, if you’re looking to add much deeper bass to your setup with no rattle and easy one-button configuration, the Sonos’ Sub unit makes for a good low-end companion. Sonos also plays nice with Apple Music, which is a big feather in its cap when compared to other wireless streaming speakers.

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