Apple yesterday previewed its redesigned retail store on London’s Regent Street, and CNET spotted one feature notable by its absence: security tethers on display products.


Perhaps the most interesting feature of the store is that when it opens to the public at the weekend the devices won’t be tethered to the tables as they were previously, and are in other stores around the world. Apple says this is to allow people to hold them properly, try cases on them and even see how they feel in your pocket.

While CNET notes the lack of visible CCTV cameras, the risk to Apple of anyone helping themselves to the display devices is not as high as it seems. An alarm sounds if the devices leave the store (likely triggered by some kind of geofencing), and of course Apple can use Find My iPhone or some corporate equivalent to remotely lock any devices which do go walkabout. Plus I’m sure the CCTV cameras are there, visible or not.

It seems a smart move, giving customers a greatly improved experience when they handle the devices, and creating a cleaner look to the display tables. It’s likely Apple will make the same change in other stores around the world.

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