The new iPhone 7/7 Plus, and all the previous models for that matter, were designed to be as thin as possible without sacrificing functionality, and that’s why we’re picky when it comes to a case that feels great in the hand.

This week’s sponsor, Southern California based startup totallee, offers exactly that: thin, protective iPhone cases at a great price. Its collection consists of 3 models that offer some of the best options around for super thin cases. That includes a completely clear case that is perfect for the new jet black iPhone 7. All are available today for $19. 

Thin, Super Thin, and Ultra-Thin


The Doberman – $19

At .06” thin, the Doberman is the most protective member of totallee’s family. Made from a durable, matte black TPU material, this case is designed to shield your iPhone from drops, dings, dents, knocks, slips, bumps and bruises. With its thin profile, the Doberman is truly a lean, mean iPhone protecting machine.

Still stuck trying to comprehend exactly how thin .06” really is? Well, it’s about as thick as a piece of Wrigley’s spearmint gum. Fresh.

Check out this durable yet slim iPhone case.


The Spy – $19

Absolutely in love with the way your iPhone looks? Want to keep its appearance as close to “out of the box” as possible, but protect it at the same time? Look no further. The Spy is a thin, fully-transparent case designed to protect your cherished device from life’s everyday dangers. This one’s for all you jet black iPhone 7 owners.

Check out this completely clear iPhone case.


The Scarf – $19

At .02” thin and .1 oz light, this is one of the slimmest cases in the world. The Scarf case adds grip, style and scratch protection to keep your super slim iPhone looking like a super slim iPhone. It comes in 5 understated colors: white, black, grey, navy blue and burgundy.

Check out this ultra thin iPhone case.

From the company: Each case includes a 90-day warranty card, hand-signed by the team member who carefully inspected and packaged the order. If for whatever reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, totallee will send out a free replacement or offer a full refund, plain and simple. All U.S. orders ship free in totallee’s minimalistic, yet sophisticated, black and kraft custom packaging.

Shop totallee’s collection now.

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