As the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar starts to make its way into the hands of consumers, macOS apps continue to be updated with support for the new function display. Next on the docket is popular email client Airmail, which today was updated to version 3.2 with support for the Touch Bar…

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For Airmail, the Touch Bar can be customized to display a variety of different icons. The default set of icons allows you to perform tasks like search, archive, trash, compose, and refresh, but there are a variety of other customization options for personalizing the experience.

For instance, you can add quick shortcuts to print, move, or label an email, as well as shortcuts for forwarding and replying, marking as read, moving to “To Do,” unsubscribing, and much more.

The full capabilities of the Touch Bar can be seen in the screenshot above. As usual, the Airmail options appear when the Airmail app is in the forefront, thanks to the contextual features of the Touch Bar.

In addition to Touch Bar support, today’s Airmail update also brings a host of bug fixes and improvements.

  • Touch Bar support
  • Fix and Improvements

Third-party apps have gradually been incorporating support for the Touch Bar since Apple announced the new MacBook Pros last month. We outlined the best new apps for the Touch Bar earlier this week, but a variety of notable apps have been updated since then. Earlier today, Pixelmator for macOS was updated with support for macOS Sierra features, as well as Touch Bar support. Likewise, 1Password was updated with support for the Touch Bar and Touch ID, as well.

Airmail is available on the Mac App Store now for $9.99. Today’s update comes free for existing users.

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