Bloomberg has listed Tim Cook as the 11th best-value CEO in a ranking of the world’s largest companies. The company based its rankings on a comparison of pay against profits averaged over three years.

Calculations of total pay factor in salary, bonuses, stock/options/incentives, retirement plans and miscellaneous payments. Cook’s total remuneration last year was just under $10.3M, against average AAPL profits of $22B.

While impressive, it wasn’t enough to put Cook into the top 10 …


Top of the list, courtesy of not taking any salary at all, was Fossil Group CEO Kosta Kartsotis. Other notables ahead of Cook in the list are Alphabet’s Larry Page, taking the #3 slot due to his nominal salary of just $1 a year; China Mobile’s Li Yue, whose salary was slashed to less than $100k after a government austerity drive; and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett, whose salary has remained $470k for more than 25 years.

Are chief executive officers worth their pay? Apple CEO Tim Cook’s $10 million in compensation isn’t chump change, but it’s a bargain when you compare that to the company’s massive average economic profit over the last three years. Other companies pay their CEOs much more, but seem to get a lot less for it. Bloomberg looked at the pay-for-performance ratio of 100 CEOs at some of the largest companies around the world to see which companies are getting the best value from their CEO.

Cook liquidated $65M of his AAPL stock earlier this year, retaining around $110M. He stated last year that he plans to give away all his wealth after educating his nephew, and would be doing so through a ‘systematic approach to philanthropy.’

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