Apple has begun rolling out macOS 10.12.3 beta 2 to developers. Sierra 10.12.2 brought in new emoji, wallpapers, graphics & System Integrity Protection fixes, and the removal of the system battery’s estimated ‘time remaining’ feature.

This second seed of macOS Sierra 10.2.3 beta is available on the developer center and rolling out to the Mac App Store now with a size of 1.04GB.

Developer’s looking to join the beta can find the access they need from the official developer page. Once registered, future developer betas will come through the App Store Updates page.

With the release of 10.12.2, Apple decided to remove the system battery’s estimate ‘time remaining’ feature. We delved deeper into why, what this means for you, and how to restore it in a few posts, yesterday:

Previously on macOS 10.12.2 Apple introduced a slew of small changes, including one that many 9to5Mac commenters aren’t happy with. Here’s everything we found during the beta period:

We’ll continue to look for changes, let us know if you find anything below!

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