Wine is a tool that’s gained popularity for allowing users to run Windows and Linux software on macOS. Today, the tool was updated to version 2.0 with a host of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

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The developers say that Wine 2.0 represents over a year of development efforts and includes over 6,600 individual changes. The headlining changes, however, include support for Microsoft Office 2013 and 64-bit support for macOS (via BetaNews).

In a post announcing the changes, the Wine team says that there are improvements for other games and apps, while features such as full HD support and the Direct3D command were pushed until the next release due to time constraints.

The Wine team wrote the following in the post:

This release represents over a year of development effort and around 6,600 individual changes. The main highlights are the support for Microsoft Office 2013, and the 64-bit support on macOS.

It also contains a lot of improvements across the board, as well as support for many new applications and games. See the release notes below for a summary of the major changes.

The full release notes, which are rather extensive, can be read here. If you’re looking to install Windows altogether on your macOS machine, head to Jeff’s how-to from earlier this week.

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