[UPDATE: T-Mobile has also announced another new promotion today for their unlimited T-Mobile ONE plan. Starting March 1st, new and existing customers who have 2 lines on the T-Mobile ONE plan can receive a 3rd line for free. This deal comes out to be $100 for 3 unlimited lines and includes taxes and fees. Check out all the details on T-Mobile’s website.]

If you’re looking for a new ‘unlimited’ mobile data plan, the competition between carriers continues to offer cheaper deals. All four major carriers have announced new or revised tariffs this month, Verizon kicking things off, followed by T-Mobile dropping restrictions, Sprint doing the same and AT&T finally opening up its ‘unlimited’ plan to all.

Today AT&T has gone one better, announcing a new ‘unlimited’ plan for just $60 a month. There are, of course, catches …


The Unlimited Choice plan is limited to a maximum speed of 3Mbps, standard-definition video and no tethering allowed. As with other services, bandwidth is also throttled when you hit the limit on your ‘unlimited’ service, in this case at 22GB/month.

A higher-tier option, Unlimited Plus, costs $90/month to add HD video and 10Gb/month of tethering –and there are additional options with DiretTV bundled. $100/month gets you Unlimited Plus with DirecTV Now, while $115 also gives you DirecTV home satellite service.

As before, if you have a DirecTV subscription, usage of the app won’t count against your data usage.

Military/veteran discounts apply on top, but there’s bad news for anyone who gets an AT&T Signature FAN discount through their employer or elsewhere: this discount does not apply to any of the new plans.

You can see full details below, and compare these new tariffs against all the other carrier deals in our at-a-glance comparison table.


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