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We’ve been hearing rumors about a second Apple Store in the Germany city of Cologne for years now, with apparent confirmation back in 2015. Apple made it official a few days ago, stating that the store would open on March 25, and Macerkopf posted a photo supplied by Apple when the fencing finally came down.

The windows are still obscured, but the German site has a few more details …


Though Apple’s confirmation didn’t specify the opening time, only the date, Macerkopf believes it will be the usual time of 10am. It is also the first German store to use the new design, so we can expect the now-familiar avenue of trees, large screen and power sockets that appear and disappear in the desks when you wave your hand over them.

At recent store openings, Apple gave away commemorative t-shirts to the first 1-2,000 visitors.

The store is located at Anschrift Schildergasse 1 bis 9, 50667 Köln. Its opening hours will be 10am to 8pm daily.

Alex Nieschwietz tweeted more photos.

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