Microsoft has released a new tool called Xamarin Live Player that lets PC users test and debug iOS apps without using a Mac. Submitting apps to the App Store still requires Xcode which only runs on a Mac, but developers working on Windows can now deploy apps to iOS for testing during development.

Here’s how Microsoft describes the new app:

The easiest way to get started with Xamarin development. Explore and experiment with different APIs and see live feedback using Xamarin Live.

Xamarin previously required developers running Windows to be on the same Wi-Fi network as a Mac running Xcode to deploy iOS apps for testing. Xamarin Live Player streamlines the deployment process by pairing the PC and iOS device with a quick QR code scan, then Live Run lets developers see changes on the device using Live Player.

The new release follows the official version of its Visual Studio 2017 integrated development environment for Mac which Microsoft launched yesterday after an extended preview period. Microsoft has also been working on a Wunderlist replacement called To-Do, and improvements to Outlook for Mac for Gmail users are in preview now.

Xamarin Live Player for iPhone and iPad is available starting today on the App Store.

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