Apple has been gradually switching its international app store pricing from US dollars or Euros to local currencies, doing so in eight countries at the end of last year. It told developers last week that it would be doing the same thing in a further nine countries ‘within 7-10 days,’ and these changes have now taken effect …


Four countries are switching from US dollar pricing to local currencies:

  • Chile (Peso)
  • Columbia (Peso)
  • Croatia (Kuna)
  • Peru (Sol)

Five more are switching from Euros:

  • Bulgaria (Lev)
  • Czech Republic (Koruna)
  • Hungary (Forint)
  • Poland (Zloty)
  • Romania (Leu)

The currency switch involves Apple setting its own conversion rate, which is in some cases slightly more favorable to locals. The main aim, however, is likely to be to encourage app purchases by making it clearer to customers exactly how much they will pay. Not everyone will be familiar with dollar or Euro exchange rates, so foreign currencies provide some barrier to purchase.

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