Apple is reportedly considering overhauling how it lets publishers use advertising as revenue for content in its News app, according to AdAge. The shift would allow publishers to use the same proven ad technology that they already use on the web rather than the Apple-controlled system used now.

To fix that and keep media partners happy, Apple plans to allow publishers to use the ad tech they already employ on their sites, such as Google‘s DoubleClick for Publishers, to deliver ads into Apple News.

That would potentially let media partners make as much money from views in Apple News as they do on their own sites, without as much additional effort as the current approach.

The report also cites an Apple News publishing partner in claiming micropayments for access to articles is being considered, although the possible changes aren’t expected for a couple of months (iOS 11 will likely be complete around this same time).

Last month Apple did introduce two new changes to Apple News: reader demographics and expanded ad support on iOS 10.3 and higher. The changes detailed in today’s report, however, appear to go much further in opening the platform up to familiar revenue models for publishers.

On the content side, Apple recently hired its first-ever editor-in-chief to head Apple News which actively promotes content from partners regularly. Facebook has also loosened up its approach to its own Instant Articles format to work with Apple News and Google AMP to make compatibility easier for publishers.

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