An interesting claim is coming out from iGeneration this morning. According to a source of theirs, Apple is planning to debut a new iPhone SE later this year at an ‘event’ in August.

The company would then follow up with the flagship iPhone 8 launch later in the year, around October. The fate of the iPhone SE may not be as bleak as it seemed, although this is the only rumor about the product to date …

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We have heard many times over that the new iPhone launch may be delayed compared to previous years, although generally people have expected Apple to stick to the same announcement schedule — in essence, early September — even if the device isn’t available for a couple months.

iGeneration also says the new SE model would be even cheaper, starting at 399 euros. The current iPhone SE is priced at 489 euros for a 32 GB model (although it is regularly discounted) and is theoretically due for an update, debuting in March 2016.

However, it’s hard to put much too trust in the claims right now. This is the first time we’ve heard about a new iPhone SE in the pipeline and even iGeneration says that this is a ‘new source’ which means there isn’t a track record of accuracy to consider.

The rumors point to three new phones this year, positioned in the higher-end price brackets with 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch and 5.8-inch displays.

Some elements of iOS 11 also indicate that the 4-inch screen may be on the way out, with Apple pushing towards bold oversized navigational elements that do not really fit in with the smaller screen phones.

It is possible that the iPhone SE line may receive minor hardware tweaks and a price cut as Apple attempts to break into new price-sensitive markets like India, but a fully-fledged hardware revision honestly seems farfetched at this stage. It could simply be a price drop for the exact same hardware, which would explain the lack of supply chain reports about it.

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