Jeff Williams today highlighted new features coming to watchOS 4 that previously weren’t announced, including new heart rate updates such as heart rate rhythm and notifications if your heart rate is abnormally high.

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Apple is updating the Heart Rate app with improved tracking and notifications. The data will be part of the “Apple Heart Study” in partnership with Stanford University.

The Heart Rate app will now display resting heart rate directly on the watch face, as well as the recovery and active heart rate. Apple says that this will allow for a better picture of a user’s overall health information.

The updated Heart Rate app will also now alert users when it detects an abnormally high heart rate during rest. This will help users determine if they need to seek medical attention.

Finally, the Heart Rate app now offers information on heart rhythm. Apple talked about the importance of atrial fibrillation and how Apple Watch tracking heart rhythm can help detect atrial fibrillation, which “affects 10s of millions of people.”

The Heart Rate enhancements come as part of Apple’s new “Apple Heart Study” with Stanford University.

The updates come with watchOS 4, which will be released on September 19th.

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