Update: A bit more of Cook’s interview can be watched below. The Apple CEO additionally touches on Face ID’s privacy, what Steve Jobs would think of the iPhone 10, and more. NBC says more footage from the interview will air tomorrow.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to appear in a new interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt this evening less than two days before the iPhone X hits stores, but Apple’s upcoming flagship phone won’t be the only topic discussed.

In a new teaser clip, NBC News shows Cook responding to a question about Russia’s influence on the 2016 presidential election through social media…

The question is especially topical this week as Twitter, Facebook, and Google are testifying on Capital Hill to answer questions about the tech company’s responsibility to monitor such activity on their platforms.

Cook says that tech companies have probably learned a lot since the election, but he doesn’t believe the big issue is ads from foreign governments which he describes as 0.1% of the issue. Instead, he believes using the platforms to spread fake news and divide people is the ‘number one through ten issue’ that should be discussed.

This isn’t the first time Tim Cook has spoken out against propaganda as a problem either. Earlier this year the Apple CEO described fake news as a major problem without a clear solution. As for other topics discussed (like the iPhone X!), we’ll have to stay tuned until tonight.

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