iPhone X launches in the US tomorrow and the first video teardown of the new smartphone has already surfaced on YouTube. It’s a rather crude capture compared to the highly polished iFixit teardown we’ll likely see in a matter of hours, but the 15-minute long video offers an early look at the internals of the newly designed iPhone.

The audio is all Chinese so my English ear doesn’t take much from the narration, but visually you can already see how the iPhone X is different inside compared to other models. Most notably is the presence of the so-called L-shaped battery which turns out is actually two separate batteries positioned in an L-shaped layout internally.

You can also see loads of connectors for all the different modules, the TrueDepth camera module that makes up the sensor housing notch, and the wireless charging area in the center as seen in leaks.

Check it out below as we await the iPhone X launch in the US!

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