After closing this past spring for remodeling, Apple’s Burlingame, CA retail location reopened this morning in conjunction with their Burlington, MA store. Both stores have been updated to match Apple’s new retail design style. 9to5Mac stopped in at the new Burlingame store opening where an impressive line formed to see what’s new.

12" MacBook

Just like other modern store locations, Apple Burlingame features an entirely glass facade with floor to ceiling windows running the entire width of the building. Large slabs of stone wrap the side of the building, interrupted only for a large Apple logo and rear windows.

The store originally opened in 2003 and occupied the same location, but you’ll find little reminder of the old architecture now. Every surface has been redone.

Terrazzo flooring and a large Today At Apple monitor at the rear of the store are new staples in every new retail location, but what’s new in both Burlingame and Apple Park’s Visitor center are updated store tables designed to hide the presence of charging cables. Small metal circles embedded the tables provide places for power connectors to attach seamlessly without wires draping to a central channel in the table. The end result is very seamless.

A full schedule of Today At Apple events held at the new store is available here. Check out more photos from Apple Burlingame’s reopening in the gallery below, and more coverage of yesterday’s Apple Park Visitor Center opening in our Apple Park guide.


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