Apple’s Health app supports sleep tracking data on the iPhone, but populating the category with useful data can be a challenge.

You can capture some data using the Bedtime feature in the Clock app, but dedicated sleep trackers can be more reliable and offer more robust data and Apple hasn’t offered its own Apple Watch sleep tracking yet despite buying Beddit almost a year ago.

Sleep++ is a third-party app that lets you turn your Apple Watch into a dedicated sleep tracker, and today’s 3.0 release makes that much easier with automatic sleep tracking and new goal features.

Previous versions of the sleep tracking app required manually starting and stopping sessions to capture sleep data, but version 3.0 simply requires wearing an Apple Watch to bed — no additional steps required.

This works because Sleep++ can analyze data automatically captured by the Apple Watch like calories burned, steps taken, and heart rate to determine sleep hours and quality without any input from the user. Sleep++ developer David Smith writes that the data captured using this method is comparable to data captured using the previous manual method.

The old method is still supported through the now optional Sleep++ Apple Watch app, but Sleep++ on the iPhone can read data captured by the Apple Watch to populate both Sleep++ and Apple’s Health app with sleep tracking data.

Sleep++ for iPhone also includes new monitoring features including a morning sleep summary alert that details sleep hours and quality in a single notification, an optional sleep goal, and a new bedtime reminder to help you meet your sleep goal.

Sleep++ 3.0 is a free app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Read more about the latest update from David Smith’s blog post.

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