The popular and snarky app Carrot Weather has today been updated to version 4.6, bringing support for push notifications and a slew of new content options…

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Carrot Weather has supported push notifications in the past, but with a few drawbacks. In order to receive notifications from the app, you either needed to have a Mac with Carrot Weather for Mac running as a server, or you needed to have an Apple Watch. Today’s update, however, brings server-side notifications to iPhone.

This means that Premium Club users can now receive severe weather alerts and daily summaries of the weather, without needing to jump through any hoops. Precipitation alerts are also said to be in the works and coming hopefully with a future update.

In addition to push notifications, Carrot Weather also adds new content, including three new secret locations, six new alternate app icons, and “hundreds of lines” of new dialogue. There are also handful of smaller updates, including a Do Not Disturb setting, rich notification support, and more.

Here’s the full changelog:

Here comes the fresh spring pollen, meatbags. To celebrate the return of your allergies, I’m bringing you my most-requested feature: push notifications!

Daily Report Notifications (Premium Club only)

Opening apps is for chumps. Receive summaries in the morning and/or evening with everything you need to know about the weather for the upcoming day. You can even customize the reports to add an extra data point, like UV index or wind speed.

Severe Weather Alerts (Premium Club only)

Worried about incoming blizzards, hurricanes, or ballistic missiles? Get notified of government-issued weather alerts and warnings. (U.S. only for now, more countries coming soon.)

New Content

Three new secret locations, six new alternate app icons, and hundreds of lines of new overkill dialogue for all you sick, twisted freaks out there.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Added Do Not Disturb setting for notifications, in case you want to be able to sleep right through tornado warnings.
  • Added rich notification support so you can 3D touch notifications to view more details, like the first few paragraphs of a weather alert.
  • Added temperature thresholds to the units screen, since you humans have different opinions on what counts as ‘hot’ or ‘cold.’
  • Added precipitation amounts to the hourly details view.

I also threw in some bug fixes and performance improvements because I was in such a good mood after discovering 153 new ways to torture a human being.

Carrot Weather is available for $4.99 on the App Store, with in-app purchases to access notifications and other features.

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