Snapchat launches exclusive face filters for iPhone X that take advantage of the TrueDepth camera

Snapchat has today launched three new face lens filters for iPhone X owners. The new lenses use the extra depth information provided by the infrared sensors in the iPhone X TrueDepth camera system to make incredibly accurate face maps, with the masks tightly hugging the contours of the face, in real time.

There’s an 80’s wrestler mask, a tiara and an ‘ornate, bejewelled’ face mask. As well as using TrueDepth to determine the 3D placement of the mask, these lenses also incorporate the ambient lighting and apply a Portrait-esque background blur.

These TrueDepth-powered masks were first demoed by Craig Federighi at the iPhone X announcement event in September 2017. These are now available to try out yourself.

To find the new iPhone X face filters, launch Snapchat and select the front camera. Long-press on the center of the screen to bring up the lenses and filters view. The first three in the bar are the new TrueDepth-enhanced lenses.

It’s pretty impressive that these lenses can be rendered live at a good frame rate, with detailed models tracing the curvature of the face and nose, as well as adding light effects and the background simulated bokeh.

Snapchat regularly switches out its selection of face filters, depending on current events or season. It’s not clear how long these iPhone X masks will stay in the rotation … or if Snapchat plans to develop any more in future.

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