One of the most frustrating things with certain apps is developers interrupting the experience by asking for In-App Ratings or Reviews. Fortunately, in later versions of iOS, users can disable this feature and create a more seamless experience.

While some apps ask at the wrong time, and disabling this feature will certainly mitigate the problem, it’s always a good idea to leave ratings and app reviews in the App Store. Maybe even let the developer know about it interrupting your experience.

iPhone & iPad: How to turn off In-App Ratings & Reviews

  1. Head into Settings > iTunes & App Store.
  2. In here, flip the In-App Ratings & Reviews toggle to the off position.

It’s worth noting that this toggle will only work for apps that have been recently updated with the new ratings API. Older applications will not be effected by this toggle whatsoever. Fortunately, most developers keep their apps up to date and likely adopt the new APIs for asking for reviews.

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