While the Apple Music app itself isn’t getting a huge overhaul in iOS 12 as some might have hoped for, it is getting a nifty feature that will help users find the song they’re looking for.

With iOS 12 and Apple Music, users are now able to simply type song lyrics in the search box in order to find the song they’re looking for. Follow along to learn how…

iOS 12: How to search song lyrics in Apple Music on iPhone & iPad

  1. Fire up Apple Music and go to the Search tab.
  2. In the search field box, type in a few words or lines from the song that you can remember.
  3. If it’s a new song, make sure to tap on Apple Music, and not Your Library.

This is a huge step forward for Apple. With the addition of searching song lyrics, Apple Music users have yet another way to discover a song. With the pervious way being searching the album, artist, or song, or by using Siri’s song recognition feature.

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